Dear School Board and Superintendent, 

Seattle Student Union, a group of concerned students about COVID in Seattle Public Schools, have come together about the new mask guidance in our district. 

To put it simply: The mask mandate must be reinstated. This move will protect our students. If the district does not, no matter who made the choice, whether it may be the King County Health Department or Seattle Public Schools, in the end Seattle Public Schools will be blamed for the sickness of our students in the event of a surge. What’s worse, is they will be blamed in the event of online school returning, which is detrimental to the learning environment, in relation to reinstating the mask mandate. 

Do you really want to be the administration that is known for:

  1. A massive wave of cases when there is a surge
  2. A district wide walkout protesting over common sense safety that the district can implement in a matter of hours
  3. A level of division in our schools that causes bullying to rise within our student body?

Because of the unwillingness of the district to work with students and staff, and listen to them in order to reinstate the mask mandate, we will be forced to walk out on March 21st, 2022. This is bound to happen unless you prioritize those that are at the center of this crisis, which are students and staff, who have continually said that they do not want the mask mandate to be lifted. For this walkout to be prevented, you must agree to keep the mask mandate in schools for at least 2 weeks after spring break. If this is not met by Friday, March 18th, 2022, we will walk out.

Students and teachers are a united front on maintaining the mask mandate. By challenging this, you are directly putting children that cannot be vaccinated due to their parents or other reasons, as well as immunocompromised students, in harm’s way. We know that masking is safe and effective, and there are minimal effects on mental health. 

We are CCing Journalists across the city and State of Washington, to say that the whole state is watching your choice right now. Show us that you are the right voice for our students and teachers in Seattle Public Schools, and reinstate the mask mandate. 


Seattle Student Union


  1. […] and staff to wear masks. The Seattle Student Union, which had just recently been formed, sent a letter to Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Superintendent Brent Jones demanding that mask rules be reinstated […]


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