Abolish Single Family Zoning, Now!

What is single family zoning? Whats so bad about it?

Refers to zoning policy that restricts development in an area to single-family homes. These policies are accompanied by a minimum lot size, and face criticism for preventing increased density, exacerbating the housing affordability crisis, and excluding low-income households, renters, and people of color from areas of opportunity

Source: Planetizen

Know the facts (more in depth about single family zoning):

  1. Seattle Must End Single-Family Zoning to Create an Equitable Housing System- The Urbanist
  2. California ends single-family zoning- The Economist
  3. A New Emerald City: Banning Exclusionary Zoning, Introducing ‘Green Zoning’– House Cosmopolitan
  4. Single Family Zoning: Can History be Reversed?– Harvard

Our report:

Click here for a detailed report about the abolishment of single family zoning and I-135!


You have now heard about single family zoning in Seattle. Now it is time to take action. Here is a template to get you started.

Send to all city council members by emailing: Council@seattle.gov

Subject: Abolish Single Family Zoning, NOW!

Dear Seattle City Council,

This is ____, and I am a constituent from (district here). I am writing to encourage you to abolish single family zoning in Seattle. As a student, I know that we will be the next generation that has to deal with the climate, homelessness, and affordability crisis in Seattle. 

The time is now to end single family zoning so more housing can be built. I want to grow up in a place that I can afford, and am able to live in. I have lived in Seattle for ___ years. I don’t want this year to be my last. For many, it will be there last. 

Please pass a resolution to ban single family zoning, so that Seattle can create more housing.


(your name)